The Miano Villa consists of 14 modern rooms and a studio. All the rooms and a studio have bathrooms with a shower tub, a hair –dryer, air conditioning, TFT TV set,a desk, a telephone, mini-bar and a walk-in-closet. The entire villa has a non-stop wireless Internet.

  • - Two single rooms
  • - Four double rooms with separate beds
  • - Five double rooms with king-size beds
  • - Three double delux rooms (spacious rooms with an additional bed)
  • - Delux studio with king-size beds and jacuzzi hot tub)

Single bed rooms

Room 1  Room 9

Double rooms

Room 2  Room 3  Room 4  Room 6  Room 7  Room 8 
Room 10  Room 11  Room 12  Room 13  Room 14  Room 15